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Your purchase is 100% refundable provided you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior to its check-in time, unless your activity requires a longer cancellation notice. The exception will be shown on your Activity Voucher and/or the concierge will inform you of the cancelation policy at reservation. Groups and a couple of airplane tours require 72 hours to 7 days.

Certain exceptions can be made by the Activity Providers, in case of illness (doctor’s note required) or other serious matters. You Maui Locals Guide will do everything in his or her power to help you make adjustments within the appropriate time.

Please remember that once you are within 48 hours from the start time of your tour, you may not cancel or reschedule it for any reason other than a verifiable medical emergency. In the event an Activity Provider cancels your tour due to any reason (weather, mechanical, etc.) your purchase will be 100% refundable. There are NO REFUNDS on no-shows. IMPORTANT: YOU MUST CALL OUR CONCIERGE DESK IN ORDER TO MAKE ANY CANCELLATIONS. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS MADE VIA EMAIL, FAX OR VOICEMAIL.

Once we receive your order our concierges process it by calling the activity provider(s) and confirming your reservation. Our calendars do NOT show “live” availability. There is a small chance your tour could be sold out for the date you have signed up. In this case, you will receive alternate dates or options for tours sent to the email provided. If you do not sign up for the other dates or options, we will VOID the hold placed on your credit card at the time of your order and you will never be charged. We try to keep our calendar availability as current as possible, however changes do occur. If you’re trying to book a tour within less than a week, or you are booking during peak season, we recommend calling us at (808)-270-1411 to be sure your activity is available.

Your tickets will be emailed to you as soon as our the concierges confirms your seats with the Activity Provider. You will also receive a call to confirm you received your voucher(s), know how to get to your tour(s) and answer any questions you might have.



In order to make the your vacation go off without a hitch we ask for some additional information. We use your hotel information in order to give you better directions. We ask for arrival and departure dates so we can catch possible errors on your order or work with dates in the event you tour is not available. We want to enjoy you vacation outdoors and out and about. So, we need your cell phone number will help us contact you in case of any last minute changes to your tour.



No worries! We’ll print your voucher(s) and send it to the vendor(s) on your behalf. Many of our customers are already in Hawaii, enjoying their vacations. We understand that you want as little hassle as possible and are happy to help with the printing details. You will still receive email copies of your voucher and credit card receipt for your records.

Definitely NOT! All prices shown on our site are direct discounts. They are NOT associated with any sales presentations. We want you to come to Maui to enjoy a great vacation filled with awesome activities… Pushing timeshares would definitely not make for an enjoyable getaway.

Directions will be sent directly to your email. We provide general directions and links to Google Maps with the map/location to your destination. Simply enter your hotel/condo address into the Google Map to get turn by turn directions to your tour. You will also receive vital information about your tour including: pick up, meeting locations, and times. We strive to help your tours hassle free events. We are available to answer any questions and offer “local” suggestions. Just give us a call at (808)-270-1411

Maui Locals Guide is a partner with Ohana Fun! Hawaii, a registered Trade Name of Rise! Enterprise, L.L.C., a registered Activity Desk in the State of Hawaii. We work just like a travel agency. We collect your payment and in turn pay our Vendors while keeping a small percentage of the purchase price as our commission. We offer our customers the best possible prices, which we have negotiated with over 100 Activity Providers Statewide, along with free expert services of our concierges who are Maui residents, and know the ins and outs of our beautiful Island. Our desire is to make your vacation the most memorable. We love what we do! You’ll notice we offer discounts on several tours; those tours we are unable to discount will NEVER cost you more than the retail rate offered by the Activity Provider, guaranteed.

In order to have the best selection for the activities available we suggest booking at least 10 days before you arrive. At peak season, it is better to book further in advance as activities fill up fast. You don’t want to arrive on the island to find that many of the activities you wanted to do are sold out. You time in Hawaii is valuable and you want to make the most of it. Booking in advance helps you get the most out of your vacation and it helps us provide you with the adventures of a lifetime!

You may pay when you arrive, but discounts are only available online. When you make a reservation with us, we ask for your credit card number and information. We use this information to reserve your seats on the tour. When you arrive for the tour your credit card will be charge. Again, if you do not pay in advance you run he risk of missing out on the online discounts.

Additionally, we reserve the right to charge for the activity if you do not cancel within cancelation policy limits (see above). You are responsible to call us in the event of a cancellation or rescheduling (at least 48 hours prior to your activity time).


Our concierges are available daily from 7 am to 7 pm HST. You can call us at (808)-270-1411 If the line is busy we may be helping another customer, so please leave a message. Prefer email? No problem, drop us a line at info@mauilocalsguide.com  (808)-270-1411 and one of our concierges will contact you with more information. We look forward to hearing from you!
Transportation is not included unless stated on your ticket, along with the pick up time and location. You are responsible to arrive at your activity at the scheduled check in time. Public transportation is not very reliable on the island and a 20 minute taxi ride is equivalent to a 2-day car rental… We suggest you rent a car to get around and save yourself some hassle with public transportation.
Call us at (808)-270-1411. Our concierges will help direct you with regard to any special needs or service you might need for your tours. If we can’t solve the problem during your call, we’ll do some legwork and call you back. At Maui Locals Guide we strive to offer you the best service and “insiders tips” available. Share with us your special requests and special occasions, too. We are happy to help and assure that your Maui vacation is unforgettable!

No. Maui Locals Guide will not share your information with anyone. We know how annoying junk mail is and don’t want to burden you with any more of it! We only use you email to notify you about your tours and keep you in the loops about upcoming events in our Newsletter (if you choose to join). You can always choose to unsubscribe from the newsletter after you have signed up.

Children prices for the most part are less than adult prices. Senior discounts are also available on specific activities. Many times throughout the year we have specials with FREE CHILDREN. For more details give us a call at (808)-270-1411

Yes. The State of Hawaii charges 4.167% to all services & products. In addition to the Hawaii G.E. Tax, there are other fees which may be added to the rate of your tour, such as Harbor Tax, Fuel Surcharges or other fees. The total cost is calculated and clearly shown prior you entering any payment information. There are no hidden fees or surcharges added after booking.

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Early morning or late afternoon flights usually offer some of the best pictures and video. The light is more indirect and allows for more vivid colors. The Tradewinds, arrive during the early afternoon hours and usually are gone before sunset. The Trades might provide a bit more “excitement” to your flight depending on what you’re after. As for rain—it’s pretty unpredictable as with most places in the world! However, rainbows seen from the air are quite spectacular. So there’s really no going wrong when it comes to time of day. No matter what time of day you choose—this flight is one you won’t soon forget!

The rising cost of fuel has affected us all the tour operators. Helicopters, boats, vans—all have large fuel costs to operate and some of that cost is passed onto the consumer in order to maintain operations. The fuel surcharge, along with taxes and fees will be added to your total at the time of your check out. These fees are 100% payable to the vendor and Maui Locals Guide does not receive commissions on these charges.

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